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Instructions for a Bratz Sewing Machine

The Bratz sewing machine allows children to make their own doll clothes.
thread image by studio vision1 from Fotolia.com

The 10-inch fashion dolls known as Bratz dolls were first released to the American public in 2001 by MGM Entertainment, and they quickly became very popular. A Bratz TV series, video game and a movie soon followed, as well as a number of accessories and other toys that used the Bratz name. One such toy was the Sew Stylin' Sewing Machine, which came with Bratz fabric, so children could make their own clothing and accessories for their Bratz dolls.

Setting Up

Place the sewing machine on a flat, stable surface.

Plug the small end of the AC adapter into the sewing machine and put the plug into a power outlet.

Place the foot pedal on the floor under the surface where you will be working.

Turn the switch on the front of the machine to "On."

Move the light switch to the right.

Adjust the speed control switch to your liking. Moving it to the left will yield a slower speed and to the right will increase the speed.

Push the "Forward/Reverse" selector switch to "Forward."

Winding the Bobbin

Lift the spool compartment door.

Place your chosen spool of thread on the spool holder furthest to the left.

Hook the thread through the machine guide beside the spool holder.

Wrap the end of the thread around an empty bobbin several times.

Place the bobbin on the bobbin holder with the thread winding on clockwise.

Turn the hand wheel slowly while pressing down on the bobbin until the bobbin clicks into place onto the raised guide.

Change the speed selector to "Slow."

Hold the hooked bobbin winding guide in one hand and use it to hook the thread between the spool and the bobbin. Pull about two inches of the thread towards you.

Press the foot pedal to begin winding the thread onto the bobbin. As it winds, move the guide up and down slowly to ensure even distribution of thread onto the bobbin.

Release the pedal when the bobbin is filled with thread. Remove the bobbin from the machine and cut the thread.

Threading the Machine

Turn the power switch to "Off."

Rotate the hand wheel slowly until the needle is in the highest position.

Move the presser foot lever on the back of the machine to raise the presser foot.

Open the spool compartment door and place a spool of thread on the left spool holder.

Pull approximately 10 inches of thread from the loose end of the spool.

Close the spool compartment door.

Pull the thread over the two thread guides in the front portion of the sewing machine.

Pull the thread down under the tension dial and up into the tension disc slot.

Feed the thread from right to left through the "Take Up Lever" near the top of the machine, directly above the needle.

Insert the thread into the thread guide just above the needle.

Thread the needle from left to right, then pass the thread between the forks and under the presser foot, then out towards the back of the machine.

Installing the Bobbin

Turn off the machine if it is on and use the hand wheel to raise the needle into the highest position.

Remove the Bobbin compartment cover from below the needle. It may be easier to lift it using the plastic bobbin winding guide.

Unwind six inches of thread from the bobbin and place the bobbin into the bobbin compartment with the thread wound counterclockwise.

Pull six inches of thread off the bobbin and feed it down through the first slot then up through the second slot on the edge of the bobbin compartment. Close the compartment cover with the loose end of the thread outside.

Hold the needle thread taut behind the presser foot while rotating the hand wheel until the needle dips into the lower plate then comes back up again. The needle will pick up the bobbin thread.

Pull the needle and bobbin thread together under the presser foot and towards the back of the machine.


Lift the presser foot. Place the cloth you wish to sew under the foot then lower it onto the cloth.

Turn the hand wheel until the needle enters the cloth.

Move the power switch to "On."

Press the foot pedal.

Remove your foot from the foot pedal to stop sewing.

Turn the hand wheel to raise the needle out of the cloth, then raise the presser foot.

Pull enough thread from the tension dial to allow you to remove the sewn fabric from the machine. Use scissors to cut the thread.


The Bratz sewing machine can also run on three D batteries.

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