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How to Use a Bernina Sewing Machine Model 1130

Fans of Bernina's Model 1130 sewing machine are legion. Introduced in 1986, the machine was billed as the first computerized sewing machine on the market and features 35 stitches and is equipped with 11 presser feet. The 1130 is capable of a number of tasks, including embroidery functions; fully automatic buttonhole capability; no-stitch run-on, which stops the machine immediately when the foot pedal is depressed; and altered-memory, which saves two custom stitch settings. The machine is no longer produced by the company, but is available used from sewing machine dealers.

Things You'll Need:

  • Needle
  • Fabric
  • Bernina Model 1130
  • Thread

Thread the bobbin by placing the spool of thread on a pin located on top of the machine and place the bobbin carriage on the bobbin winder, pulling the thread through enough for it to catch. Snap the bobbin into the winder and press to lock, then turn the machine on. Push the foot pedal and wind the bobbin. Remove the bobbin from the winder and insert it into the machine.

Change the needle by loosening the needle screw located above the presser foot, the metal attachment that holds the fabric down as it is stitched, and inserting a new needle. Tighten the screw.

Thread the machine by winding the thread from the top of the machine from the thread spool, down through the thread guide on the top of the machine across from the thread spool, down to the check spring holder, up around the take-up lever and through the needle. Pull three inches of thread through the needle and lay behind the machine.

Turn the machine on and choose the stitch suitable for the fabric and project from the computerized menu by selecting the stitch and pressing its button. The machine automatically adjusts the stitch length and width.

Change the presser foot according to the machine's suggestion by unscrewing the foot and reattaching the correct one.

Place the fabric under the machine and lower the presser foot.

Turn the machine on, press the foot pedal and guide the fabric through the needle as it is stitched.


Used Bernina 1130s are still available and still command top dollar.

The machine is also capable of making lace, needle weaving and applique.

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