Things to Make With Fabric Scraps

Fabric scraps

Home crafters do not want to throw away anything that can be used to make something else. Using every inch of scrap material can leave the crafter with a sense of achievement. Many scrap pieces turn into useful items around the home or can be used to make nice gifts.


Cross stitch

Potholders use very little material and can be a quick and easy gift idea. A typical potholder can be made with two scrap pieces measuring 8 inches square or any size that suits you. Place the two scraps together with right-sides facing each other and machine stitch along three sides. Turn the potholder right-side out and insert heat-resistant batting between the two sides. To hold the batting in place, machine stitch several cross-stitch lines and finish by hand stitching the last side.

Lap Blanket

Making a lap blanket is a creative way to use scraps. Gather pieces that will complement each other and sew the scraps together. Purchase flannel material in the size of the finished blanket, including enough material for the seam allowance. Place the two materials together with right-sides facing each other and machine stitch around the edges. Turn the blanket so that the right-sides are facing out and hand stitch the fourth side. To keep the two sides from shifting, secure the them by machine stitching vertical or horizontal lines. For added warmth, insert a lightweight batting between the scraps and the flannel.

A smaller blanket will delight a little girl when she uses it as a cover for her dolls.


Fabric scraps that are about 14 inches square make quick throw pillows. Sew three sides together using a sewing machine and insert a foam pillow. Hand stitch the fourth side of the pillow. For a more ambitious project, sew smaller pieces together until you get the size pillow that you want. Do this for both sides of the pillow and finish stuffing and sewing the sides. This pillow looks nice in a country-style bedroom or a child's room.


Long strips of fabric can be used for ribbons. Fold the material in half with the right-sides facing each other and machine stitch a continuous seam from the beginning to the end of the fabric. Turn the fabric so the right-side is facing out and use in place of ribbon. Attach multiple pieces together before making the side seam to create a long ribbon or to create an interesting look. This is a great way to add that final touch to a gift.