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Puff Quilt Instructions

The puff quilt is one of the simplest quilts to make, and is perfect for a beginner. It is technically not a quilt at all, but rather a comforter, as it doesn't incorporate any actual quilting in the finishing process. It can be made with almost no prior sewing experience, and is a technique for any size quilt, from crib to king.

Planning your quilt

The puff quilt can be made in any fabric design style, whether two fabrics or a scrappy mix. Fabric should all be 100 percent good quality cotton. The back of the puffs should be muslin, and the top will be whatever fabrics you want for your quilt top. This pattern will make 3-inch quilt puffs, so plan your fabric decisions accordingly, depending on the size of your desired finished quilt.

Cutting your fabric

After deciding how big you want your finished quilt to be, determine the number of quilt puffs you will need. For instance, if your finished quilt is to be 36-by-36 inches, you will need 12-by-12 puffs, or 144 puffs. Cut 144 3 1/2-inch squares from muslin, and 144 4 1/2-inch squares from your desired quilt top fabric.

Sewing the puffs

Pin one quilt fabric square on top of one muslin square on three sides, with the right side facing up. Match the corners together, making a pleat in the center of the seam on all three sides. Using a sewing machine or a needle and thread, sew along all three of these seams, carefully using a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Fill the resulting pocket with batting or stuffed-animal craft stuffing. Pin the last seam closed, making the same pleat in the center, and sew the seam closed.

Constructing your quilt

After all of your puffs are constructed, decide how you want your quilt design to look. Lay out the puffs to see how they interact. You can make stripes, zigzags, or a scrappy look. When your design is decided, begin to sew the puffs together into rows. Sew the first two puffs in the top row together, puffy side together. The raw edge of the seam will now be on the muslin side. Continue sewing the rows, then sew the rows together. When the top is finished, measure it. Cut a piece of muslin or sheeting half an inch larger in each direction. Sew this fabric to the top of the quilt top along three edges. Turn the resulting pocket inside out, and slip-stitch closed the open edge.

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