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Things to Do With Peacock Feathers

Peacock feathers are versatile design elements.
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The male peacock mesmerizes onlookers with his distinctive blue, gold and red feather display, which encompasses more than 60 percent of his body. You, too, can create visually stunning peacock feather displays that celebrate this natural beauty. Utilize peacock feathers in your home to transform spaces and unused possessions into striking, updated designs. Additionally, use peacock feathers to add an unexpected and memorable style element to ordinary packages.


Decorating with peacock feathers is an easy and quick way to transform a dull space into the focal point of a room or ornamental arrangement. Simply place peacock feathers into large or small vases for a striking visual display. Other ideas for decorating with peacock feathers include inserting them into the front of curtain tie-backs or hot-gluing several feathers together and hanging them along the top of curtains. These arrangements add depth and visual interest to window treatments.

Framed Art

Framed peacock feathers instantly dress up a room or patio wall. Although you can opt to hire a professional to mat and frame your feathers, you can also do it yourself to save time and money. Purchase an inexpensive frame and fabric or paper mat to lie behind the feathers. Lay one large or several small feathers over the mat. Place the mat into the frame, secure the frame and hang it on the wall or set it atop a desk or table.

Gift Wrap

Wrapping gifts with peacock feathers adds style and class to special occasion offerings. Create a peacock feather-wrapped gift by covering the present with heavy-duty wrapping paper. Then, hot-glue the feathers onto the wrapping paper. Add extra texture and sparkle by hot-gluing complementary-colored jewel beads around the feathers. Let the gift dry for at least 24 hours before giving it to ensure that the feathers and beads do not fall off of the present.


Use peacock feathers to breathe new life into vintage clothing or accessories. For example, trim, cut and hot-glue a peacock feather onto an old hat, sweater, jacket, jeans or pants to add color and personal style to an outfit. Alternately, glue trimmed peacock feathers onto wallets or purses to instantly create a signature spin on an otherwise outdated piece.

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