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Can I Use Permanent Marker to Draw on Pillow Cases?

Using a permanent marker is a great way to make designs on pillowcases. Create a personalized look to match your comforter and sheet set, or have the kids design special pillowcases during craft time at the next sleepover. Select waterproof permanent markers in a variety of colors, and place a strong piece of cardboard inside the pillowcase to keep the mark from bleeding through to the other side.

Sleepover Pillowcase Craft

Buy inexpensive plain white pillowcases from a fabric or other store, permanent markers in a variety of colors, and enough cardboard backing for each pillowcase. Choose different widths of markers for fine-line drawing or to fill in designs.

Ask each child to write her name on the pillowcase and design a scene of what they will dream about that evening during the sleepover. Give the kids a chance to design both sides of the pillowcase, then put the pillowcases aside to ensure the ink dries completely before using.

Provide several doodle pads and pencils so the children can practice drawing and writing with the markers. You can also pick up lettering or decorative stencils to use on their pillowcases.

Halloween Costumes and Treat Bags

Little ones can use a pillowcase and permanent marker to create a fun or scary Halloween costume. Cut a hole at the top of the pillowcase for the head, then stitch the edges. Use permanent marker to draw on the pillowcase. For example, select a black pillowcase, then use a white permanent marker to draw a skeleton on it. Use fabric glow-in-the-dark marker to line the costume bones for an eerie effect.

Another costume idea is to create a cowboy, a lizard or even an adorable pumpkin costume. Create the pumpkin costume by cutting a hole for the head in the top of an orange pillowcase. Use a black permanent marker to create the pumpkin face, then dress the child in orange tights or pants and have him wear a bright green baseball cap to be the pumpkin’s stem.

A pillowcase can double as a trick-or-treat bag, personalized and designed with marker. Use bright colors and glow-in-the-dark marker so it can be seen in the dark.

Custom Designed Pillowcases

If you can’t find the design you want for your bedroom set, create your own using a matching colored pillowcase and permanent marker. Thumb through design magazines or use one of your favorite designs to spruce up the pillowcases on your bed. Visit a fabric store to buy special template designs or stencils.

Draw your design on paper before creating your pillowcase masterpiece. You could also sketch the design in pencil directly on the pillowcase, then draw over the pencil drawing once you get the design the way you want it.

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