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How to Make a Butterfly Antenna

The antennae top off the butterfly.
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The antennae put the finishing touch on any butterfly craft or butterfly costume. The basic necessities for a homemade butterfly antenna are a stiff shaft that will protrude and hold its position and something decorative at the end to catch the eyes of all who look upon the craft or costume. You can use bright colors and shiny decorations to make them especially noticeable.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Headband Or Tiara
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Clear Tape Or Duct Tape
  • Large Craft Beads

Cut colored pipe cleaners with scissors to a selected length for your butterfly antennae, depending on the size of the butterfly for a craft or costume. Use full-length pipe cleaners for a butterfly costume or large butterfly craft. Smaller antennae will be appropriate for smaller crafts. Twist two different colors of pipe cleaners together for a striped effect.

Put large craft beads over the ends of both homemade butterfly antennae. Push the pipe cleaner ends through the bead holes and twist the wire around the beads to hold them in place. Curl the ends into spirals.

Wrap the other ends of the pipe cleaners around a headband or tiara for a butterfly costume. Tape the ends to the back of the headband or tiara with duct tape. Bend the ends and place them on the head of a butterfly craft. Use clear tape to secure the ends to a craft project.

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