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Small Plastic Cone Crafts

Small plastic cones, due to their versatile shape, have a multitude of craft uses.
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Small plastic cones make an excellent base for many crafts due to their versatile shape. Plastic cones, available in plastic foam varieties and in hollow cones with solid plastic exteriors, can be purchased at most craft stores. Small plastic cones can be used as a base for dolls, animals, trees, tree toppers or even as miniature warning cones. Plastic cone crafts are great for both children and adults.

Holiday Tree

Paint a small plastic cone green using acrylic craft paint. Press thumb tacks with differently designed and colored heads into the cone to add decorations to the tree. Earrings can be used for decorations, as well. Alternatively, you can glue buttons, beads or other small objects to the cone to decorate the tree. Wrap pipe cleaners around the cone to represent garlands. The pipe cleaners should stay in place on their own once bent, but you can glue them on, too. Glue a plastic star to the top of the tree. Green dyed cotton balls or scraps of green felt can be added to give the tree texture.

Dolls and Butterflies

Cover a small plastic cone with a layer of thin cloth. Cut a cone shaped wedge into one end of a Styrofoam ball. The tip of the wedge should end in the center of the ball, 1/3 to 1/2 of the ball's diameter into the ball. Paint the Styrofoam ball the color you'd like your doll's face to be. Add eyes, a mouth, a nose and other features to the doll's face and glue yarn or craft hair around the face to represent hair. Glue the Styrofoam ball to the tip of the plastic cone, then cut out felt arms and glue them to the doll. Create wings out of craft foam and glue them to the back of the doll to create angels, fairies or butterflies. For butterflies, use pipe cleaners for antennae and legs.

Tree Toppers

Cover a small plastic cone with a layer of thin cloth, or paint the cone as desired. Attach silk flowers, craft wire branches, miniature pine cones, bells, shells or other decorations to the cone. The design is entirely up to you, limited only by your imagination. If you are using a plastic foam cone, cut a wedge into the base of the cone wide and deep enough to slip over the top of a holiday tree. If you are using a regular plastic cone, you can add a few layers of craft foam to make the topper fit better, but it is not necessary. Place the topper on the top of a decorated holiday tree. Alternatively, use your tree topper as a tabletop decoration or centerpiece.

Warning Cones

Cut a square of craft foam so that the width and height of the square are 1 to 2 inches greater than the diameter of the plastic cone's base. Glue the base of the plastic cone to the center of the craft foam square. Paint the cone and craft foam base a vibrant orange. Acrylic craft paints work well. Allow the orange paint to dry, then use black paint to paint a message onto your cone, such as "Warning: Studying Happening Here" or "Danger: Fun Zone" onto your cone. The message is up to you. Allow the paint to dry, then coat your cone, and its base, with spray on sealant. Spray on craft sealant can be purchased at most craft stores. Set your cone wherever appropriate to alert others.

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