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Paper Twist Craft Ribbon Ideas

Paper twist ribbon is craft paper that has been tightly twisted into a cord; it may be used in projects including baskets and coiling. Untwisting the ribbon results in a crinkly paper strip about 4 inches wide. Twisted ribbon comes in various colors and some patterns, although the latter are more difficult to find. The ribbon is matte, not shiny, and the same on both sides. It doesn't tear easily.


Angels and other characters can be made with twisted ribbon. Use a base such as a Styrofoam cone if you want the angel to stand up on a table top. If the angel is hung on a door, the cone isn't necessary. The base needs to be covered with the unraveled twisted ribbon. Untwist the ribbon and attach the lengths to the top of the cone to form the angel's dress. A Styrofoam ball is covered with the ribbon and attached as the head. Add false eyelashes to represent the angel's closed eyes. Two lengths of still-twisted ribbon form the arms. Join them behind a small bouquet of flowers or a prayer book. Add a garland for the halo and a big bow of untwisted ribbon as the wings in the back. The size of the angel can range from 12 inches to 36 inches.

Christmas Tree Garland

Untwist the ribbon and stretch it out on the floor to relax it. Weave the ribbon in and out of the Christmas tree, encircling it just as you would a tinsel garland. The twisted ribbon gives a homey look to the tree and looks good with cookie ornaments, candy canes and popcorn garlands. Use the ribbon garland around a wreath and add a bow. Twisted paper ribbon keeps from year to year if you take it off carefully and store it in a dry place. It is not necessary to re-twist it for storage.


Untwisted ribbon makes bows for décor and gift packages. Form overlapping loops of ribbon gathered tightly in the middle of the loops. Secure with a wire twisted tightly. The wire holds the ribbon in place and also is used to attach the bow to a wreath, door or plant. Make bows of two colors alternating two strips of twisted ribbon. Make a simple floral decoration by gathering a bunch of dried eucalyptus, adding dried baby's breath and securing with a twisted paper bow.

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