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How to Have a "Mamma Mia" Movie Theme Party

Actors on stage in a production of Mamma Mia.
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It doesn't have to be your last summer to rock out with a "Mamma Mia" party. No matter the season, send out an S.O.S. to celebrate in "Mamma Mia" style. A "Mamma Mia"-movie themed party, or "Mamma Mia" musical celebration party heats up cold nights or makes summer nights even hotter. "Mamma Mia"-themed parties are an exciting way to celebrate birthdays or other milestones in your life.

Invitation Ideas

A disco ball reflecting light onto a wall.
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Design your own party invitations using a word processing program, or use an invitation template to make original "Mamma Mia" party invitations. Select bold fonts like Broadway or Castellar to give the invitations a dramatic 1970s feel. Print brightly colored paisley designs onto the invitations. Alternatively, create handmade party invitations for a more personal touch. Always design the invitation in pencil first. Draw a disco ball onto the center front of the invitation and music notes floating around it. Use catchy 1970s words such as, "groovy" and "far-out" for the invitation, or incorporate lyrics from the "Mamma Mia" movie soundtrack, Broadway musical or any Abba song.

Decoration Ideas

A view from island where Mamma Mia takes place.
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"Mamma Mia" is set on an exotic Greek island, but the movie features Abba's disco music. Flowers are a staple decoration for any "Mamma Mia" party, but keep the arrangements disco-inspired by incorporating silver sequins or mirrored Styrofoam balls into blue and white or bright pink flower arrangements. A small tabletop fountain centered on the food table represents Aphrodite's fountain. Decorate with images of dolphins and other sea creatures. Select white gauzy fabrics with small blue floral prints for tablecloths or use white lace. For a flashier table setting, use shimmering fabrics or brightly printed fabrics. If you plan to hold karaoke contests, decorate the stage area with a lighted disco ball, mirror ball and tropical plants. Blacklights replace traditional lighting.

Greek Food Options

A plate of baklava.
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Serve traditional Greek foods, such as moussaka, an eggplant and ground beef dish; a Greek salad with feta, hummus and crackers; or a simple Greek yogurt and fruit salad for a buffet-style spread. More industrious cooks can make spanakopita, zucchini pies or gyros. Alternately, serve simple snack-type dishes on skewers. Wrap Greek olives and feta cheese with strips of zucchini, or skewer figs, mozzarella and pancetta for quick hors d'oeuvres. Finish the meal with baklava, tulumba or chocolate souffle wrapped in phyllo dough.

Mamma Mia Costume Ideas

A woman's hands looking through a clothing rack at a thrift store.
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No "Mamma Mia" party is complete without a great costume. Select casual-wear items like baggy button-up shirts and capri pants or a peasant blouse with overalls. Bring out the 1970s fancy dress costumes and wigs for formal parties. Choose maxi-dresses, or bell-bottom pants with button-front shirts. You can find vintage 1970s clothing pieces at most thrift stores or consignment shops.

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