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The Heart Pillar Locations in "Super Paper Mario"

Heart Pillars open new areas for the player to explore in "Super Paper Mario" for the Wii. Players collect pure heart pieces from major bosses throughout the game. The heart piece will only work if it's matched to its heart pillar. The player must find those pillars in the town of Flipside, or its reversed world, Flopside.

Heart Pillars One And Two

Take the elevator down from the tower in Flipside. Head to the right, and take another elevator to the third floor. Go left to reach the first heart pillar. Flip to a 3-D view in front of Merlon's House and use Merlon's key on the gate. Take the path to the right, flip to 2-D view at the end, and enter the pipe in this room. Flip into 3-D in the next room and follow the arrows on the block. Jump on the two blocks ahead to clear the gap, switch to character Peach, and float to the next blocks to reach the second heart pillar.

Heart Pillar Three

Follow the same path through Merlon's House and down the pipe that led to Heart Pillar two. Continue to the left in the room below until you reach a pipe blocked by blocks. Switch to the character Boomer to destroy the blocks and go down the pipe. In the room below, head right and turn to 3-D view. Use the character Slim's ability to slip through the small crack. The third heart pillar is straight ahead.

Heart Pillar Four

Enter the gate at Merlon's place. Instead of going down the pipe, head to the left until you see platforms on the ground. Use 3-D view and move the platforms. Platforms one, three, and five must be down, and two and four must be up. Move the platforms to the appropriate height for Mario to continue, then go left to the fourth heart pillar.

Heart Pillar Five

On the first floor of Flipside, go to the left in 3-D view and use Boomer to open a crack on the right. Slip through with Slim's ability. In 2-D mode, use the character Fleep on the strange crack in space to the right. Jump on the new blue switch, turn to 3-D, and continue through the new path. In 2-D, hit each block from left to right once, and flip to 3-D to continue through a new door. Now you are in Flopside. At the far right in 3-D is a passage to an elevator. The fifth heart pillar is on the third floor.

Heart Pillar Six

From Nelrom's house, the Flopside equivalent of Merlon's house, flip to 3-D and enter the gate ahead. Break the block at the end of the path with the side character Cudge. Go down the pipe and flip to 3-D at the sign in the room. Use the side character Dottie to roll under the blocks ahead. Use Cudge to destroy the yellow block at the back of the room. Hit the switch to reveal the sixth heart pillar.

Heart Pillars Seven and Eight

Heart pillar seven is close to heart pillar six. Go down the pipe behind the gate in Flopside, but instead of approaching the sign, turn right. Go down the second pipe. Use Luigi's high jump to get over the wall to the left and approach the seventh pillar. The eighth heart pillar is just beyond the gate in Flopside, and to the right of the green pipe.

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