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How to Figure Out All 20 Glyphs in Assassin's Creed 2

Ubisoft's "Assassin's Creed" video game series blends exciting action and adventure into stealth-based gameplay. "Assassin's Creed 2," released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in November of 2009 and the PC in March of 2010 and rated "Mature" by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, allows players to experience the Italian Renaissance through the eyes of a trained killer. While playing there are 20 Glyphs that you can find. These Glyphs provide puzzles that the player must solve to unlock some of the game's hidden story.

Solve the first puzzle by selecting the five paintings that all have apples in them. The clues that are given are "core" and "pick" and are highlighted in red.

Solve the second puzzle by rotating the three puzzle wheels until you complete the three pictures that show Queen Elizabeth, Napoleon and George Washington.

Solve the third puzzle by finding and highlighting the hidden apple in the three pictures. The first is found on the floor, the second is found by the left hand of the upside-down Houdini, and the third is found on the right arm of Gandhi.

Solve the fourth puzzle by finding the hidden images in the pictures. The first is found in the barrel of the bazooka; the second is on the helmet of the soldier in the background; the third is found in the rifle being held up to the left of the officers; and the fourth is found in the hand of one of the creatures in the upper right-hand corner.

Solve the fifth puzzle by selecting the paintings that have something in common. The first set of paintings have the hint "cut," so highlight the paintings that include swords. The second set have the hint "lean," so highlight the paintings that include staffs.

Solve the sixth puzzle is another set of puzzle rings. Rotate the first wheel in this order: first ring right 10 times, second ring left three times, fourth ring right once, and fifth ring right three times. Rotate the second wheel in this order: first ring left three times, third ring left once, fourth ring left four times, fifth ring right once.

Rotate the third wheel in this order: first ring left three times, second ring right twice, third ring right once, fourth ring right seven times, fifth ring left once, and second ring left three times. Rotate the fourth wheel in this order: first ring right five times, second ring right four times, third ring right once, fourth ring left twice, fifth ring left twice, and second ring right twice.

Solve the seventh puzzle by completing the two image puzzles. The first can be solved by using the hint "red" to highlight the paintings where red is the dominate color. The second can be solved by highlighting the left side of Jesus' hips.

Solve the eighth puzzle's image set by first highlighting Czar Nicholas' staff. Highlight Joan of Arc's sword in the second image. In the last image you must first move the fire to the picture of Joan of Arc and then Rasputin onto Czar Nicholas' picture.

Solve the ninth puzzle by solving the image set. The first image is solved when you move the cursor over Houdini's torso. Solve the second image when the cursor is over Gandhi's heart. The third image is solved when the six in the red wheel is rotated over the one in the gray wheel, and then enter the following code: "867, 312."

Solve the 10th puzzle by completing the image sets provided. Highlight the lunar lander in the first image. Move the rings to align all the channels in the second image by rotating the fifth ring left six times, second ring left four times, fourth ring right three times, and third ring left five times. In the last image, move the cursor between the flag and the astronaut's foot.

Solve the 11th puzzle's image set by moving the lightning bolt over the bulbs to turn them on in the first image. Highlight the space between the two windows at the base of the tower to solve the second image. For the final image, move the courser onto Tesla's lap.

Solve the twelfth puzzle image set by first moving the 4 in the red wheel over the 1 in the gray wheel in the code wheel and inputting "917, 240." For the next image, move the dollar sign over the light bulbs. Then highlight the ball in the box being held. For the final puzzle, enter the following code: "139, II_, III, I_*".

Solve the 13th puzzle set by entering the following code "529, circle/square/square, circle, triangle." At the next image, push the red button. For the last one, use the Geiger counter to move to the bottom of the screen slightly to the left of the center.

Solve the 14th puzzle by selecting the images of women having sex with gods (some gods are disguised as animals).

Solve the 15th puzzle set by first rotating the third ring right twice, the fifth right four times, the fourth right five times, the fifth left five times, the second left five times, and the fifth ring right five times. In the next image, move the "Assassin" logo over the targets.

Solve the sixteenth puzzle image set by first move the cursor over the word "Tunguska." At the next image, move the cursor onto the staff and drag it onto Tesla.

Solve the 17th puzzle's image set by first entering the following code: "791, symbol that bends four times, symbol that bends six times, symbol that bends eight times." For the next image, locate the "Assassin" symbol in the bunker at the upper right of the screen.

Solve the 18th puzzle by first enter the following code: "603, three tree-like symbols, < followed by five tree-like symbols, <<< followed by one tree-like symbol." For the next image, move the cursor over the neurotransmitters to light them up.

Solve the 19th puzzle image set by first selecting all the images that have the sun in them. In the next image, find Earth in the sun in the lower left.

Solve the 20th puzzle image set by first rotating the fifth ring right ten times, the fourth left twice, the third right twice, the second right five times, and the first ring left three times. Next, highlight the eye at the top of the painting. Pick any three glyphs. Move the cursor over the bones to reassemble the skeleton.

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