Directions for Playing With "Scrabble Flash Cubes"

By Sarena Fuller
Hasbro designed

"Scrabble Flash Cubes" is an electronic game based upon the original "Scrabble" board game by Hasbro. It comes with a small, portable box for traveling and has three game modes. Game one is a solitary game where the player finds as many words as possible with five tiles in 75 seconds. Game two is also a solitary game, with the exception that the player receives a new set of letters with every correct word. Game three is multi-player, where each player spells a word and passes the tiles onto the next player.

Set the tiles on a flat surface so that the sides touch, then press the "Start/Reset" button on the bottom of each tile to activate them.

Select game one, two or three by pressing the "Start/Reset" button on the first, second or third tile.

Shuffle the tiles around to make a three-, four- or five-letter word. When the tiles beep and light up, create another word or pass them onto the next player in the multi-player version.

Listen for consecutive beeps and watch for the tiles to flash a clock, which signals the end of the game.

Place the letters side-by-side to display the score.


In game mode one, players receive an extra five seconds on the clock for each correct word. Try the four-letter game mode for younger players.

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