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How to Connect a PS2 Wireless Controller

Connect a wireless controller system to your PlayStation 2 for a quality gaming experience without wires.
BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

A wireless controller can open up a whole new gaming experience when added to your PlayStation 2. Wireless technology uses a small receiver module, which plugs directly into your PS2 console, and which communicates with your controller via radio waves.

Things You'll Need:

  • Aaa Batteries
  • Wireless Controller
  • Wireless Controller Receiver

Turn off your PlayStation 2 console and disconnect any wired controllers from one or both of the front connection sockets.

Orient the rectangular-shaped wireless controller receiver module so that the connection pins are pointing toward the controller connector socket on the game console. Plug the module into the left controller socket in the same way that any wired controller would be inserted into the socket.

Turn on your PlayStation 2 console and wait for the unit to start completely.

Make sure the power switch on the handheld game controller is off. Remove the battery compartment door from the back or bottom of the unit. Insert the necessary number of AAA batteries into the controller unit and replace the battery compartment door.

Watch your TV screen and wait until the console asks that a controller be connected. Once the request is displayed, turn the controller power switch to the "ON" position. The console will automatically detect the wireless controller and it will be synchronized without any further effort.


  • Always turn off the power switch on the handheld game controller when not in use. Leaving the unit on will cause the batteries to be drained even when you are not using it.
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