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Coin Facts for Kids

Coin collecting takes you on a journey back in time. Coins are minted to commemorate events (such as the ending of WW I), to honor individuals (Susan B. Anthony for example), and to use for currency. Each coin is connected to a set of interesting facts.

Quarter Eagles

Quarter eagles ($2.50 gold coins) were first minted in 1949 from gold bullion mined in the California gold rush. Fewer than 200 of the original 1,389 quarter eagles marked with the CAL stamp exist today.

50 State Quarters

Special quarters for all fifty state were minted between 1999 and 2008, at the rate of five per year. George Washington is on the front and a symbolic image from a state is on the reverse.


Numismatics, or the study of coins, provides a rich source of Roman history. Gold, silver and bronze coins were made during the Roman Economy.

Ancient Greek Coins

Ancient Greek coins were most often made from silver. Each Greek city was represented by a different picture on its coins.

Fun Fact

President Jimmy Carter honored Susan B. Anthony by placing her image on a one dollar coin. The Susan B. Anthony dollar was released on July 2, 1979. Anthony is the first woman to appear on a circulated U.S. coin.

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