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How to Get the Pink Thread for Cinderella's Dress in "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep"

"Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep" gives players the chance to explore the worlds from multiple Disney movies, including the Castle of Dreams from the movie Cinderella. To help Cinderella's mouse friends put the finishing touches on her dress you need to collect a few items, including the Pink Thread; however, the Pink Thread is kept high up on a shelf, while you have been shrunk to the size of a mouse. In order to reach the Pink Thread you must use the environment around you to propel yourself to new heights.

Enter the mouse holes in the northern wall of the Wardrobe Room.

Jump on to the fork handle sticking out of the wall. This will launch you high into the air. Grab the ledge immediately next to the fork to climb up.

Walk east down the path and through the corridor. Following the path you will eventually come to a ledge.

Drop down off the ledge and exit through the mouse hole to get back into the Wardrobe Room. The mouse hole is behind the second fork in the wall and appears as an exit on your map.

Run across the ruler and jump to the other shelf to pick up the Pink Thread.


Return the Pink Thread, along with all other found items, to Jaq the mouse.


  • While playing through this level you will have to fight several Unversed, so be prepared for a battle.
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