Softball Crafts

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If your softball team is looking for bonding activities, or if you're simply a softball fanatic, add some flair to your equipment, household decor and work space with softball-themed crafts. Thrifty crafters can create projects that incorporate materials they already own or can pick up for only a few dollars. This is a lively way for parents and children, teammates or super-fans to spend an afternoon together when not playing or watching the game.

Showing Team Spirit

Show some support for your team by incorporating its name and colors into your craft design. For instance, make braided floss friendship bracelets with your fellow team members that use your team's colors in the braiding pattern, or add beads or charms that have images of your team's mascot on them to the design. If there's a special chant or ritual you all participate in before a big game, write it out on a T-shirt or other article of clothing with a marker, colored tape, or even lipstick. Use stamps or a stencil to make it look neater. You could also incorporate your fellow teammates into the craft project, like making picture frames with everyone's name or nickname to house a team photo.

Jazzing Up Sports Equipment

While decorative equipment and uniforms might not help your team improve its play on the field, some snazzy gear may help to boost your teammates' confidence. Tie-die some softballs or use permanent markers to create decorative designs, or add painted decorations to your team helmets, gloves or uniforms. For instance, add some colorful glitter glue or paint to helmets, caps or visors you wear during games, or iron transfer images on to jerseys. Check to ensure your decorations comply with the official rules for your league.

Softball Themed Housewares

Just because you're not on the field doesn't mean you can't show off your love for the sport. Create softball-themed housewares to demonstrate your passion at home. For instance, decorate can koozies or coffee mugs with softball-themed images such as a yellow ball inside a glove, or terminology like "designated player" and "scoring position." Use iron-on transfer sheets to put a softball spin on anything from pillowcases to aprons or curtains. Or, if you've got a bunch of old softball jerseys, use them to create pillows or quilts for your bedroom.

Softball At Work

Whether you're at work or at school, you can show off your love of softball with some crafty supplies. Make your own softball-shaped refrigerator magnets by printing a softball picture, affixing it to a button and gluing a magnet to the back. Or cut the bottom off a softball with a circular saw to make a nifty paperweight. Decorate file folders and notebooks with softball-themed images like a girl wearing a helmet and standing at the plate. Use craft foam to make softball-shaped key chains for briefcases and backpacks or softball toppers for pens and pencils.