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Volleyball Craft

It's easy to create volleyball theme crafts.
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Incorporate some volleyball crafts into your next team meeting to build camaraderie among your players. With a little time and few simple items, your players can be creative and foster friendships that will lead to a winning season on and off the court.

Volleyball Pillow

Make a cute volleyball pillow using inexpensive items that can be found at any craft store. Cut large pieces of white felt into matching circles and draw volleyball lines on both pieces. Put the circles together right side out and punch eight holes around the perimeter. Weave white yarn through six holes in an under-over pattern. Stuff the pillow with fiberfill then complete the weaving. Tie the yarn into a tight knot and seal it with a dot of craft glue.

Volleyball Tack Board

Every family needs a message board to stay updated on activities and leave notes for one another. To make a volleyball themed message board, begin by drawing the outline of a volleyball court on white foam. Cut the court out and glue it to a large piece of blue felt. To create the net, glue a piece of black yarn on either side of the court's middle line. Glue several long white pieces of yarn horizontally under the black yarn and short pieces of white yarn vertically on top of the horizontal pieces. Cut round volleyball shapes out of white foam and draw a volleyball pattern on them with black marker. Push a tack through the center of the volleyballs. Punch two holes into the top of message board, string yarn through the holes and hang your message board.

Volleyball Pinata

A volleyball pinata filled with sports related candy is the perfect item to have at your next team party. Create one by tearing newspaper into shreds. Blow up a 14-inch balloon, tie a knot in the stem and secure string around it. Dip the newspaper strips in papier-mache paste and put them on the balloon until it is completely covered. Let the pinata dry completely then paint it white. Paint volleyball stripes onto the pinata with black paint.

Pony Bead Volleyball Player

Pony bead volleyball players are fun to make and are great gifts for volleyball players, coaches and parents. Begin by folding beading cord in half to find the center and securing a lanyard hook to the middle. Loop both ends of the cord through three brown beads. To create the player's head, weave two rows of beads with a brown, tan, tan and brown pattern. Weave one row of five tan beads, five yellow beads then five more tan beads. To make the player's shirt, weave two rows with three yellow beads. The next row begins the player's shorts and consists of three red beads. To make the player's left leg, weave two rows with two red beads with the left string then weave on a single vertical row with two tan beads, two yellow beads and three white beads. Double back and secure a knot at the end of the string. Repeat the process with the right string for the player's right leg with the addition of the soccer bead after the last white bead.

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