How to Smile for the Camera

Smiling is contagious.
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A heartfelt smile is the best and simplest way to look great in a photo. The secret is to be relaxed, honest and genuine. A gorgeous smile that is powerful and compelling. Whether you're sitting for a formal portrait or gathering with friends for a quick snapshot, these suggestions make for a winning photo of your smiling face.

Take a deep breath. Holding your breath tightens the diaphragm and makes your smile look tight and forced.

Think happy thoughts. To look happy, let your mind go to something light and funny.

Relax your facial muscles, and your neck, shoulders and mind.Any kind of strain will show in the photograph.

Trust the photographer to make you look good. Tell her if you are uncomfortable with the pose or the setting.

Laugh with sincerity. The most genuine smile comes with a laugh that makes your eyes sparkle.

Energize the photo. Dance or try a variety of movements.

Practice your smile. Spend some time in front of the mirror. Find the smile you love and remember how it feels.


Your smile tells how you feel about yourself. Don't fake a smile as it rarely goes unnoticed.

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