Slumber Party Games for 11-Year-Olds

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Eleven-year-old children are a handful, especially when you invite over several children for a slumber party. The kids come armed, with their sleeping bags and pajamas and they expect you to handle everything else. In addition to the food and movies, you need a few games for the kids. Slumber party games keep them occupied long through the night and ensure that they eventually settle down and get some sleep.

Sleeping Beauty

The object of the Sleeping Beauty game is to keep from laughing. Place the names of all the girls in a hat and draw a name at random. The girl lays on the floor and pretends to fall asleep. The other girls come up with jokes, funny faces and other attempts to make Sleeping Beauty laugh. Use a stopwatch to keep track of each girl’s time, stopping it when she starts laughing. The girl who “sleeps” the longest without laughing is the winner of the game.

Spin the Nail Polish Bottle

For Spin the Nail Polish Bottle, you need different colors of nail polish. Use both traditional shades like red and pink, with more unusual shades, such as blue and green. Make a small spinner, with the colors listed around the spinner. The birthday girl takes a turn and paints her first nail the color she lands on. The girls take turns, spinning and painting their nails until every fingernail is painted. If you’re worried about sleepover game ending too soon, let the girls paint their toenails in the same way. The girls end up painting their nails a variety of different colors. Keep nail polish remover and cotton balls around, for the girls who want to clean up before they go home.

Girl’s Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt list, with items appropriate for 11-year-old girls. Include items like makeup, hairbrushes, stuffed animals, books, movies and even candy. Pick several rooms in the house and keep those open to the girls. Hide the items around the rooms and then divide the girls into small groups. Give the girls a list of the hidden items and one hour to find everything on the list. The winning group is the team that finds everything on the list or finds the most items within the hour. Pass out goody bags that include a few of the list items to all the girls and give the winning girls, princess crowns or tiaras.

Boy's Scavenger Hunt

For young boys, create a list of items found both inside and outside. Include items like rocks, leaves and a four-leaf clover. Add other items, found in open areas of your house, such as a DVD, flashlight, batteries, trash bags, dinosaur toy and a toy car. Give the boys a certain amount of time to find the items. Have goody bags waiting for the first team that finds everything on the list or the team that finds the most items. Pack the bags with candy and small toys.

Outdoor Camp Race

Divide a group of boys into small groups and give each group a duffel bag, complete with everything they need for a campout. The bag should include a tent, tent stakes and tent poles. Fill separate boxes with campfire wood. The teams race to put together their tent first. Once they have a tent, they have to run across the yard and find their campfire wood box. Have the boys bring the box back to their camping area and arrange the firewood in a circle. The first team to get their campsite together wins.