Sleepover Activities for Tween Girls

Tween girls enjoy doing each other's hair.
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Tween girls love playing games and activities at sleepovers. Tweens is a word that refers to pre-teens between the ages of 10 and 12. Choosing activities for this age group is quite simple. Tweens are old enough to follow rules and instructions in most activities, but young enough to enjoy simple fun and silliness.

Talent Show

Have the tween girls put on a talent show. This is a fun activity that allows the girls to show off a little. Have each girl take a turn showing some kind of talent. It could be singing, dancing or making something -- even something as silly as animal shadows on the wall. To add extra excitement to this activity, prior to the party, write down talents on paper and have each girl pick out a slip of paper. The girls must showcase the talent that is written down.

Taste Bud Test

Divide the tweens into two groups. Blindfold one group and allow the other group to make a trip to the kitchen. The girls in the kitchen choose foods to eat and bring them to the room the blindfolded girls are in. Each girl feeds a blindfolded girl one of the food items. The girls blindfolded must figure out what the food is.

Decorate T-Shirts or Pillowcases

Give each tween a plain T-shirt or pillowcase. Have assorted supplies for decorating available and let each girl choose how she would like to decorate the item. Offer iron-on letters, colored glues, permanent markers and any other items used for decorating.

Spa Activity

Let the girls pamper themselves with a spa activity. This is an age-appropriate activity tweens generally enjoy. Let them do manicures and pedicures as well as face scrubs, washes and peels. The girls can also do each other’s hair and makeup. After all the girls are finished, take pictures of them so they can all have a lasting memory of the night.

Nail Polish Spin Game

Place the tween girls in a circle around several bottles of nail polish. The first girl spins the first bottle of nail polish. Whoever the bottle is pointing at when it stops spinning must paint one fingernail that color. The game continues around the circle. At the end of the game, all girls will have all 10 fingernails painted several different colors. Girls can also paint their toenails, if they desire.