The Best Scavenger Hunts for Adults

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Scavenger hunts aren’t just for kids. Repurpose this childhood pastime for a group of adults, and you’ll have everyone channeling their inner kindergartner. Adult scavenger hunts can have a more risky or flamboyant flair. Plus, you can sweeten the deal with a monetary prize. Just ask everyone to pitch in $10, and the winning group splits the pot.

Battle of the Sexes Hunt

Use the age-old gender battle to frame a hilarious adult scavenger hunt. Have men and women search for items associated with the opposite gender. Women have to procure things like obscure hardware tools, while men must find feminine objects, such as an eyelash curler and control-top pantyhose. Another way to play is to have each gender take pictures or video performing tasks associated with the opposite gender. For example, the guys must iron a shirt and women must bait a fishing hook.

Survivor Hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt with an element of danger, incorporating aspects of television reality challenges like "The Amazing Race." Divide the adults into groups and drop each team in random locations, giving them each a digital camera and a list of tasks. They must accomplish the tasks and arrive at a specified destination. The catch is that they can’t use their cell phones or spend any money to accomplish their goals. They must beg, barter and borrow their way to victory.

Dare Hunt

Instead of searching for items, adults get a list of dares to complete. Photograph or capture on video team members performing the dares. Assign each dare a point value. The more embarrassing or difficult the dare, the more points it’s worth. The team with the most points — not necessarily the most completed dares — wins. Some groups will try to do a lot of easy dares, and some will go for just a few of the insane dares.

Bar-to-Bar Hunt

Use this scavenger hunt as an alternative to a meal at a restaurant. Plan clues that will lead the group around town to various bars, performing tasks or collecting memorabilia as proof of their visit. Go to local pubs and taverns with distinct themes, ethnic ties or clientele. Have team members grab business cards, fliers or anything with the establishment’s logo. Singing at a karaoke bar should definitely be on the list. Record the games playing at a sports bar. Get a scoop of toppings from a made-to-order ice cream bar like Cold Stone Creamery or Golden Spoon. End the night by ordering something new at a coffee bar.