Salvation Message Crafts for Preschoolers

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To Christians, the salvation message is the most important part of their faith; believing in Jesus and asking him for forgiveness of sin is the only way to go to heaven. Christians want to teach their preschool children about Jesus' death on the cross, resurrection and eventual return, and how their children can trust God for salvation. Crafts are a tactile way to teach preschoolers about salvation.

Cross Crafts

Explain the plan of salvation to preschool students, then use a cross-themed craft to reinforce the lesson. One cross-oriented craft is a bookmark to use in a Bible. Draw and reproduce a cross shape for preschool children to cut out. Provide crayons, markers and stickers to decorate the cross. Punch a hole at the top and insert a piece of yarn. Tie the two ends together with a knot and fray the tails to create a tassel.

Life-Ring Crafts

Help preschoolers make a craft that looks like a life ring.
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Help children associate the message of salvation with something familiar, such as a life preserver ring they may have seen while swimming or near water. Cut a life-ring shape out of craft foam for each preschool student. Give the children blue painter's tape and have them put four equal lengths of tape onto opposite sides of the doughnut-shaped life ring (see photo). Write "Jesus Saves" on the ring to complete the craft.

"Salvation Colors" Crafts

"Salvation colors" are a way to teach preschool children the salvation message. The "salvation colors" are black for sin, red to represent the blood of Christ, white for a pure heart, green for Christian growth and gold to represent the streets of gold in heaven. Give each child a piece of paper in each of the salvation colors. Have the preschool children draw a picture to represent each of the concepts represented by the colors. For example, have children draw a sad face with white chalk on the black paper for sin and a heart on the red paper to represent Christ's love.

Other Salvation Message Crafts for Preschoolers

Have preschool children help create a bulletin board that details the plan of salvation. Make a large cross to fill the center of the bulletin board. Write "John 3:16" on the top of the bulletin board. Have students draw pictures of a cross, of Jesus or of someone praying. Put all the children's pictures on the bulletin board. Another option is to have students compile a book detailing the plan of salvation. A teacher can write and illustrate a step-by-step book and reproduce the pictures. Have children color the pictures and then staple them together in a book.