How to Revive a Dead Phone Battery

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Cellphone batteries get a lot of use. The chances are you top up your battery frequently to ensure it’s always got power, rather than allowing it to completely discharge. But constantly doing this can make the battery die. This is particularly true for nickel-based batteries; they require an occasional full discharge to stay in good order. Before you think about replacing your dead phone battery, try reviving it.

Put your cell phone battery on charge, even though it appears to be dead. Insert the plug from the charger into the correct socket on the phone and turn on the charger. The display on the phone indicates it’s charging.

Remove the plug from the phone when the display indicates the battery is fully charged. It probably takes only a few minutes to charge because your battery needs to be reset.

Remove the back from your phone and remove the battery. Wait a couple of minutes and put your battery back into the phone and replace the back.

Turn on your phone. Open as many applications on your phone as possible. Turn up the sound, play music or games. The idea is to use as much power from the battery as quickly as possible. Leave the applications running until the phone turns off automatically because of lack of battery power. This may happen quickly or take a while, depending on how bad your phone battery is.

Remove the battery cover and battery as before. Wait a couple of minutes then replace the battery and cover. Turn on your phone; surprisingly, it powers up. Open phone applications as before and let it run until the phone turns off. It doesn’t take long, when you have a battery that appears dead.

Repeat the complete procedure, as monotonous as it is, until your phone won’t power up. The procedure is reactivating the battery by breaking down crystals inside the battery, increasing the surface area. Because the battery hasn’t been regularly discharged, the crystals have expanded and merged, and this results in an inability to retain a charge.

Remove the battery from the phone a final time then reinsert it. Put the plug from the charger into the phone charging socket and turn it on.

Let the phone charge. Be prepared to wait a while now, because your battery is revived and can hold a greater charge, similar to when you first purchased it.

Turn off the charger and remove the plug from the phone. Turn on your phone and use as normal.