How Can I Tell If My PS3 Controller Is Charging?

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Your PlayStation 3 system operates with either the original motion-controlling SIXAXIS controller or the DualShock 3 vibrating controller. Each type of controller is powered by an internal lithium ion battery. After several hours of play time, the battery loses its charge. Since the PlayStation 3 includes a USB cable, it is possible to charge the battery at any time, even when you are playing games. There are two indicators that tell you when the controller is charging and when it is fully charged.

Connect the USB cable included with the PlayStation 3 to the controller's USB port. The port is located on the top of the controller.

Connect the other end of the USB cable to a port on the front of the console. Look at the top of the controller. While it charges, a light flashes red. When charging is finished, the light is solid red.

Turn on the PlayStation 3. Press the "PlayStation" button on any controller that is connected to the console. A screen appears which tells you the status of all controllers that are currently connected. A flashing battery icon next to any controller means it is charging.


  • Although it is possible to charge the controller and play games at the same time, the USB cable that comes with the console is very short. Some other brands of USB cables also work, so use a longer one if desired.


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