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How to Rebuild a Champion 400 Blower

The Champion 400 is a vintage blacksmith forge blower that was manufactured in 1902 by Champion Blower and Forge Company. A forge blower is a device that blows oxygen and flames to the specific areas where a blacksmith is shaping metal, so that the proper shape can be attained. The Champion 400 has a hand-crank motor that forces air through a tube that is typically aimed at the blacksmith forge. Over time, if parts wear out or need to be replaced, the Champion 400 may need to be rebuilt. The fan, fan bearings and hand-crank belt are the most commonly replaced or rebuilt items inside the machine.

Remove the square casing bolts along the exterior of the blower inside the fan housing.

Pull the fan housing cover off and set it aside. Pry the dustcover off the fan nut with a screwdriver and remove the nut with the socket set.

Slide the fan off its shaft and then pry the bearings out with the screwdriver.

Add a dab of grease to the replacement bearings and then insert them into the bearing hub.

Clean and sandpaper the fan, or replace it with a new one. Slide it onto the shaft and then slide the fan back onto the shaft and replace the nut. Also, snap the fan bolt cover back into place.

Hold the fan housing exterior case in place and then replace the retaining bolts.

Use the pipe wrench to remove the hand-crank case nut on the right side of the case.

Inspect the belt that powers the hand crank; if it is dry or cracked, it should be replaced. To do this, loosen the tension bolt on the right side behind the fan assembly. Slip the old belt off and then place the new belt over the two pulleys. Tighten the tension bolt.

Things You'll Need:

  • Socket set
  • Screwdriver
  • Pipe wrench
  • Replacement fan
  • Fan bearings
  • Replacement hand-crank belt
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