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How to Fix a PSP Power Switch

The PSP portable video game console has many electronic parts that work dependably. But to turn on the PSP, you must flick a mechanical power switch. This switch can weaken over time and suddenly fail to work, rendering the PSP useless. Rather than sending it off for months to be repaired, replacing the power switch can save time and get it working again. The process is fairly straightforward and can have you playing with your PSP again in short order.

Things You'll Need:

  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Diagonal Wire Snips
  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Replacement Power Switch
  • Clean Cloth

Put the PSP on the clean cloth. Carefully separate the front and back of the PSP using the flat edged screwdriver to split open the console. Carefully remove the PBA circuit board and disengage all the cables connected to it.

Use the flat edged screwdriver to pry open the clip that is holding the metal plate on the power switch. Pry the other side off. Expose the switch and throw the spring away.

Take the diagonal snips and carefully remove the plastic surrounding the metal tabs on the switch. Remove the plastic from the switch. Pick up the soldering iron and desolder the metal tabs connected to the switch. Remove the switch and throw it away.

Place the new power switch in the position that was held by the old switch, with the small metal tabs on the switch fitting inside of the grooves. Line up the power legs of the switch with the solder pads on the circuit board.

Solder the small metal tabs to the power switch. Let the solder cool. Replace the cables to the circuit board. Place the circuit board with the replacement power switch back into its original position in the PSP console.

Close the front and back of the PSP console and attach the power supply. Charge the PSP up to full power.


Always work in a bright and clean space to avoid getting dust or debris on the PSP.

Avoid walking on carpets which can generate static electricity which can damage the internal parts of the PSP if you should touch them.


  • Opening the PSP will void the warranty. This could have the effect of an authorized dealer or Sony refusing to make a repair on it, even if what has gone wrong has nothing to do with you.
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