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How to Display Japanese Fans on a Wall

Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images

Things You'll Need:

  • Pencil
  • Fine nails or brads
  • Double-sided tape

Japanese fans make beautiful wall decorations if mounted properly. Depending on the size of the fan, you may need to use small nails on the bottom to provide support. Japanese fans are, however, very light, and smaller fans may only require double-sided tape with no additional support below the fan.

Open the fan fully and hold it in the desired position on the wall. Make sure the fan is level.

Mark the location of the bottom of the fan in four places, two within an inch of the outside of the fan and two within an inch of the pivot point. Each side of the fan should have two small pencil marks.

Gently hammer a small nail or brad into the marks. Leave enough of the nail sticking out to support the fan.

Apply small pieces of double-stick tape to the tops of between 4 and 6 fan supports. Some people use additional tape to avoid using the nails, but minimizing the amount of tape on the back of the fan also minimizes risks of damage to the fan. Use only as much tape as required to hold the fan to the wall and prevent it from falling off.

Remove the backing from the tape on the fan and set the fan on the nails. Press the areas of the fan with tape against the wall. Apply additional pieces of tape between the fan and the wall to ensure a secure mounting.

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