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How to Stop an LED Light From Flickering

LED lights have replaced incandescent bulbs for many uses, including table and floor lamps. The normal cycling of an LED light can cause flickering that is often visible. To stop the flickering, add a power conditioner to the line supplying the power to the LED. A power conditioner can be bought at an electronics store and requires no expertise to set up or use.

Unplug the power cord connecting the LED light to the AC outlet. Place the power conditioner next to the outlet, on the floor or on a nearby table, shelf or cabinet.

Rotate the power conditioner so that you can see the back. Plug the LED light’s power cord into one of the AC sockets labeled output on the back of the power conditioner.

Plug the power conditioner’s power cord into the AC outlet that the LED light was plugged into. Turn the power conditioner on and the LED light on. The flickering should be eliminated.

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