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How to Program the LED Message Display on a Fan

You can program the LED message display on a fan.
colurful fan lights#1 image by Warren Millar from Fotolia.com

Would you like to see your name in lights? How about from light-emitting diodes (LEDs) spinning on a handheld fan’s blades? LED message fans are popular novelty items that are often given out as corporate gifts, displaying a company’s name or slogan while wafting a soothing breeze. The battery-operated fan’s plastic blades have LEDs mounted on them, and while spinning, they flash on and off in a pattern that displays as letters and numbers. Fans given away as corporate promotions are often made with a single, unchangeable message. But if you have a programmable model, you can express yourself by inputting a personal message, and change it any time you like.

Turn on the fan by pressing the power button. On the other side are three buttons for programming messages.

Press and hold the center programming button for a few seconds, and then the LEDs will display a flashing cursor.

Press the top button to advance through the alphabet. Press the center button to enter the first letter. Continue this process to spell out your word or phrase.

Press once past the letter “Z” to enter a space.

Press the bottom button to pick characters such as periods, commas and exclamation points, as well as numeric characters.

Press the center button for a few seconds to save your message.

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