How to Play Women's Retreat Icebreaker Games

Play Women's Retreat Icebreaker Games

Women's retreats are so much fun, but you often need an icebreaker game to get the retreat off to a good start. This article will list how to play women's retreat ice breaker games.

You can play the candy game. This involves a large bowl of multicolored candy (M&Ms, Skittles, etc). Each woman gets a handful of candy on a napkin, but they don't eat it yet, and they don't know about the rules of the game yet.

After everyone has their candy, the rules of the game are explained. They will come up one at a time and tell something about themselves depending on the amount and color of candies in their hand.

Here are some sample questions (but you can make up your own): Red = tell 1 fact about your childhood per red candy Blue = tell 1 fact about your job per blue candy Yellow = tell 1 fact about your dreams and aspirations per yellow candy Brown = tell 1 fact about your last vacation per brown candy Orange = tell 1 random fact per orange candy

You can play the describe your name game. In this game, everyone sits in a circle and one person goes first. If their name is Tina, they would say "Hi, my name is Tiny Tina" or whatever word they want to use that starts with the same letter as their name. The second person would say "Hi, Tiny Tina, my name is Giddy Gladys", the next person would say "Hi Tiny Tina and Giddy Gladys, my name is Picky Penelope". The game keeps going until everyone has said their name. If you have a large group, it could get quite tricky to remember everyone's name.

You can play the frozen T-shirt game. You will need to fold one T-shirt and place it nicely in a large zip top bag. Fill the bag with a few cups of water and put it in the freezer. You will need one T-shirt per team. The teams should consist of about 3 to 5 players. You will give one T-shirt to each team and tell them that the first person to put the T-shirt on their body wins. They can use any method they like to thaw the T-shirt.

Several options for thawing the T-shirt include breaking the ice, using a hair dryer, using the microwave, or using hot water. Of coarse you will not offer any suggestions. They must work as a team to come up with a good plan.

You can play a purse scavenger hunt. This involves either group play or individual play. The leader of the group will list items to find in the ladies purses. Whoever finds the most wins a prize.

Some items to ask for include a coin from a certain date, a ruler or measuring tape, a button, a baby pacifier, or anything else you can dream of.

You can play the guess my name game. You will write one name on an sticker name tag per person playing the game.

If you are on a church retreat, you can write the name of people in the bible. If you already know each other and are on a work retreat, you can use your actual names. You can even use the names of animals, candy, or anything else.

The sticker name tags will be put on everyone's back without them reading the stickers. The purpose of the game is to figure out what name you have on your back. You can ask someone 1 question about the name on your back that has to be answered with a yes or no. Once you have asked that person a question, they can ask you a question, then you must find someone else to ask. The game ends when everyone has figured out their names. If a few people are left and are having difficulty, they can be given hints. There are no prizes in this game, it is just fun.

You can play get to know you bingo. This game involves making a bingo board with different phrases in each square. For example, you can write "has been skiing in Colorado" or "used to have pink hair" or "is a twin". Everyone is given a bingo board and has to find someone else to write their initials in 1 or 2 squares if they have done something in that square (no more than 2 per person). You can't fill in a square yourself. The winner is whoever gets bingo first, whether you want to play blackout or just filling in a full column or row.

When someone gets bingo, they yell out "Bingo" and have to explain tell who did what in each square.

You can play the pop the balloon game. Tie a 3 foot long yarn to one balloon per person. The other end of the yarn should be tied to someone's ankle. The goal of the game is to pop everyone's balloon without yours being popped. The last one with a balloon on their ankle wins. Be careful, this is not a good game to be played around fragile items or items that could be knocked over since it gets rowdy. Make sure to tell boundaries before starting the game.

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