How to Play Clue Jr. "The Case of the Missing Cake"

By Marie Jones ; Updated April 12, 2017

"Clue Jr: The Case of the Missing Cake" is a board game designed for two to six players. "Clue Jr." is a spin-off of the popular board game "Clue," and is intended for younger audiences between the ages of 3 and 8. The object is to discover which person ate the cake, with which drink and at what time. "Clue Jr." is designed to be played multiple times with a different outcome each time.

Mix the five time bases together and select one. Without looking at it, place the time base at the center of the board. Mix the remaining time bases with the white base that has crumbs on it and the white base that does not have a label. Each base has a spot to place a colored pawn. Place a single pawn inside each base, then distribute the pawns to their designated areas on the board.

Place a drink base, without looking at it, at the center of the board with the time base. Mix the remaining drink bases with the two yellow bases. Place a furniture pawn inside each drink and yellow base. Each furniture pawn matches a room on the board. Distribute the bases to their designated rooms on the board.

Roll the die. If you roll a colored side of the die, you may peek under a pawn that matches that color. If you roll a number, move any character pawn that number of spaces. You must stop moving the pawn before it passes or lands on another character pawn. If you land on a yellow space, you may look under the furniture pawn of that room. When you land on a white space, look under the character pawn that you moved. A footprint space means your turn is over and you may not look under any pawns.

Mark your detective sheet at the end of each turn. When you look under a furniture pawn, mark off the piece of furniture on your sheet. If you look under a character pawn, mark that time or drink off of your sheet. If you note that a character pawn has crumbs under it, that character is the guilty cake-eater. When you have marked off almost all the items, you may deduce which character ate the cake, at what time and with what drink.

Accuse the guilty party at the end of your turn. If you are correct you win the game. If you incorrect, you're out. The remaining players will continue until someone correctly guesses the cake eater.