How to Make a Father Time Costume

How to Make a Father Time Costume. Father Time is a classic character that signifies the passage of time in a year. He also makes a great costume for Halloween or New Year's Eve parties. Get even more creative by going to a party together with Mother Nature or Baby New Year.

Visit a costume shop or Halloween store to find a long white wig and beard. You may find these items among the wizard themed costumes.

Purchase a full length gray or white robe. Fray the edges slightly to indicate age and wear.

Find a large hourglass in a thrift store of costume shop. The larger the better since the hourglass will show that Father Time is at the party instead of a wizard or old man.

Create wrinkles with brown make up or eyeliner. Accentuate lines on your forehead and around the corners of your eyes. Draw jowls from the corners of your mouth to the bottom of your chin. Finish aging by applying light brown blotches to your face to create an uneven skin tone.

Dress in light colored shirt and pants. Put on the robe and tie the cord around your waist. Attach the wig comfortably to your head with bobby pins and put on the beard.


Tie the hourglass to your belt when you are tired of carrying it. Keep your hands free and your costume intact.

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