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Playing Instructions for Pictionary Junior

Pictionary is a classic board game for the good, the bad and the ugly artists. One player draws clues to a word while his team tries to guess what the drawing is and win the chance to move their playing piece around the gameboard. There have been several versions created over the years, including Pictionary Junior, which gives kids a chance to play on an easier level. It helps with their reading and creativity, as well as learning how to play with others as a team.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scratch Paper
  • 60-Second Timer
  • Two Pencils

Get Ready to Play

Divide into two teams. Choose a playing piece for each team and put the pieces on the "Start" square on the gameboard.

Choose what level of play you would like. The game comes with 144 double-sided cards. The white side is easier, while the blue side is harder. Once you've chosen, place the pile of cards facedown in the center of the board.

Decide who you want to be the first "Picturist," or the one who will draw the first picture. Everyone will get a turn to draw.

Decide which team will go first by rolling the die. The team who rolls the highest number goes first. Place the timer in the center of the gameboard near the cards. Grab the pencils and sketch paper provided.

Time to Play

Roll the die and move the first team's playing piece that number of spaces on the gameboard. If the space has one pencil on it, just you and your team can draw and guess. The Picturist secretly draws a card from the top of the pile, reads the theme that's on the card out loud and looks at the word that matches the color of the square you landed on. The card is then placed facedown on the bottom of the card pile.

Turn over the timer, which is 60-seconds long. The Picturist then begins drawing clues to the word while the rest of the team begins guessing what it is. If the team makes the right guess in time, they roll the die again and move the number of spaces rolled. This next turn requires a new Picturist and a new card. If the team doesn't guess it in the time allowed, the play ends for that team.

Land on a square with four pencils and that is an "All Play" square. Everyone on both teams plays at the same time. One of the Picturists secretly draws a card and reads the theme aloud. The Picturist looks at the word that matches the color of the square on the board then secretly shows the card to the picturist on the other team. The card is then put back facedown on the bottom of the pile.

Turn the timer over and the drawing and guessing begin. Each team is playing at the same time, but the team members only guess what their Picturist is drawing. Guess the right word first in the time allowed and your team gets to roll the die and move along the gameboard. If no one guesses correctly before the time runs out, it is automatically the other team's turn. However, when there's no correct guess, the die does not get rolled. New Picturists and a new card are chosen and it's time to play "All Play" again.

Be the first team to the "Finish" square first and make a correct guess to win. You do not need an exact roll to land on the "Finish" square.


  • The Picturist can not speak or draw letters or numbers while trying to get his team to guess.
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