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Battle of the Sexes Game Rules

Take the battle of the sexes to the board game.
Battle tank image by patrimonio designs from Fotolia.com

“Battle of the Sexes” is an engaging board game that pits men against women in a battle to see who understands the opposite sex more fully by answering gender-specific questions about the opposite sex. The rules are simple to understand and the game is easy to play. Game play is always boys vs. girls, which creates a wild and interesting game night.

Goal and Setup

The goal of each team is to get from their side of the board to the other side. Place all player pawns on their side of the board. There are four pink spots for girls and four blue spots for boys. Separate the gender cards into separate piles. Separate the question cards from the wild cards and set the wild cards in their own pile. These cards behave differently and are accessed by landing on different spots. There should be four separate piles of cards. Flip a coin to decide if the male or female team goes first.

Game Play

After setting up the game, the starting team should progress one spot on the board. This must be directly in front of them. There are four different kinds of spots to land on: female question, male question, male wild and female wild. When players land on the spot, the other team picks up the card and follows the instructions. The question cards have three different questions about the opposite gender. The team must answer one of the questions correctly. If they do, they get to progress one more spot and take another card. The wild cards are a lot different. Landing on them gives instructions to both male and female teams. The male wild cards will give rewards to the men, such as moving an extra space, while punishing the female teams. Female cards do the opposite. Players can keep moving and answering questions until they reach the other side. Once there, they place another token on the starting position and do it again. The first team with two tokens across wins the game.


One rule that creates a wild and exciting game is the capturing rule. Capturing is very simple. If a team moves its pawn onto a space occupied by another pawn, it captures the pawn. This means the pawn is taken off the board and placed back at the starting point. A team can only free its pawn by moving its second pawn to the other side of the board. The team frees its pawn, and can then move its freed pawn on the board. Once you have a captured pawn, you cannot capture a second. This is also true if you get your pawn to the other side of the board. This can create many strategic possibilities, as players try to steer clear of each other, while others try to seek out their winning opponent. This rule can be excised from the rules during a “fast” game, as capturing can extend the game play for a long time. Fast games also only use one pawn.

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