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Jumanji Game Instructions

The Jumanji board game is based on the movie that was itself based on a children's book. The look and feel of the game is heavily influenced by the aesthetic of the film, but the real life board game lacks the movie's supernatural elements. Sadly, no lions, giant mosquitos or angry hunters will materialize as you play this game. Maybe that is for the best. Simply move your pieces around the board and try to reach the end and yell "Jumanji!" to win. This game is for 2-4 players.

Spread the board out between all players and assign a pawn to each. Make sure that the red decoder disc is firmly set in the center of the board. Each player should place their pawn in the corner of the game board that matches their color. Each player should also take one of the four rescue dice.

Lay the stack of adventure cards face down on the right side of the board in the assigned space.

Decide which player goes first and have that person roll the 10-sided movement die and move their pawn forward as many spaces as dictated by the roll.

Perform one of four actions as dictated by the space on which you land. A blank space means you must draw and adventure card and place it under the decoder ring to read it. The card depicts a short message, one of the items depicted on the rescue dice and a number. All players except the one who rolled must now roll their rescue dice simultaneously after turning over the timer. If all other players can match the item on the card to their rescue dice or roll an hourglass, then all players move forward the number of spaces on the card. If the other players fail to "rescue" the roller by matching the item or rolling an hourglass, the player who initially rolled the movement die must move back the number of spaces listed on the adventure card and the card is placed on one of the empty spaces in the "doomsday grid" located on the left side of the board.

Move the rhino in front of another player if you land on a rhino space. This player is not allowed to move forward on their turn unless they roll an even number. An odd number means they remain in place and follow the instructions of the space once again. If the blocked player moves backward due to an adventure card, the rhino moves with them and continues to block their path forward.

Hand the movement die to the player on your left if you land on a "5 or 8" space. This player must attempt to roll a 5 or an 8. If they succeed, the turn ends. If they do not, move your pawn back one space and the movement die continues to the left and the next player attempts to roll a 5 or an 8. This continues until a 5 or 8 is rolled. The person who landed on the "5 or 8" space does not get to roll.

Draw an adventure card if you land on a circle, or "jungle," space. Place it in the middle under the decoder ring. All players roll in at attempt to match the item within the time limit set by the timer. If they fail, the card is placed on the doomsday grid and another card is drawn. This continues until all players match the card upon which all players move their pieces forward.

Finish the game by reaching the center of the game board. The first player to do this wins. If the doomsday grid fills before any player reaches the center, the game ends and must be started over.

Things You'll Need:

  • Jumanji game board
  • Player pawns
  • 4 rescue dice
  • Adventure cards
  • 10-sided die
  • Red decoder disc
  • Timer
  • Plastic rhino figurine
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