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Green Eggs & Ham Game Instructions

Parents and kids can play Green Eggs and Ham together.
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Green Eggs and Ham is a beginner’s board game based on the book by Dr. Seuss. It was designed for children and parents to play together. The game involves counting, rhyming and picture matching, and it was developed to promote early reading and strategy skills. The game can be played by four players, and is suitable for children ages four and up.

Set up the game. Punch out the playing pieces and picture cards and push the spinner base through the hole in the board. Snap the spinning arrow into the base. Choose your playing piece and place it at the starting space. Place the picture cards in the orange area of the game board with the orange and green sides facing up.

Play the game. With the youngest player going first, take turns spinning the arrow,with play passing to the left. When it is your turn, move your playing piece clockwise around the board the number of spaces shown by your spin. If you land on the “green eggs and ham” space, move ahead to the next “green eggs and ham” space on the board. Your turn is now over.

Turn over a "picture" card when you land on a "picture" space. If the picture matches or rhymes with the picture space that you are on, place the card in front of you with the picture facing up. If the card you turn over does not match or rhyme, your turn is over. Return the card to the board with the “Sam-I-am” side facing up.

Follow the directions found on any "green space" that you land on, as well as the directions of any space it sends you to. If there is no direction on the "green space," turn over a "picture"card in the center of the board. If it is a "green eggs and ham" card, place it face up on any of the "green eggs and ham" spaces found on the board. If the card you turn over is not a "green eggs and ham" card, your turn is over.

Move your playing piece forward or backward to the "picture" space found on any railroad track section of the board when landing on a space that has the end of a train track on it. Follow the rules for "picture" spaces.

Win the game by ending your move on any space that holds a "green eggs and ham" picture card. You cannot win unless you have also collected three "picture" cards. If you land on a "green eggs and ham" space before the "green eggs and ham" picture card is on the board, turn over the "green eggs and ham" card and place it on the space you currently occupy to finalize the game.


The words on the rhyming "picture" cards will be color-coded. For example, the words "box" and "fox" will be the same color.

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