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"Clue FX" Instructions

The board game "Clue FX" uses an electronic base and a series of sensors to determine where the pieces on the board are. It's designed to give the player a new and different game play experience each time. Unlike previous versions of "Clue," there are no die or spaces to move. The Butler tells the players when and where to move. The game is for two to four players and recommended for those age 8 and up.

Set Up

Place the electronic base at the head of the board, on the mansion base square. Attach the upright cardboard base to the top of the electronic base.

Separate the cards into suspects, locations and weapons. Shuffle each deck individually. Pull about half of the cards off the top and place them on the bottom. Repeat for all three decks.

Take the top card off of each deck, and insert it unseen into the "Case File" envelope.

Shuffle all three decks together. Cut the deck again and slide the first card into one of the suspect envelopes. Repeat with the remaining suspect envelopes. Set these around the board.

Shuffle and deal all of the remaining cards to each player.

Select a token to represent each player from the four available characters. Place the characters in the Barn, the first room on the board. Pass each player a "Clue" sheet.

Turn on the electronic board and log characters into the game when prompted by the butler.

Game Play

Move, search and investigate, or make an accusation when the Butler announces it's your turn. Use the sheet to keep up with clues and cross off suspects.

Move your piece to a room and press down to change rooms on your turn. This will inform the butler which room you are in. He will tell you who is in the room, then move on to the next player.

Move your piece to the search button to search the room. The Butler will tell you which suspects are in the room. Examine the cards in the suspect of that envelope. Play will move to the next player when you're done.

Move to the "Suggest" button to make a suggestion. Say something like, "I believe it was Mr. Green, in the Gazebo with the Garden Shears." If the player to your right has one of those three cards, she must show it to you. If not, go to the next player to pass the cards. Repeat this process until you believe you know which three cards are in the Case File envelope.

Move your character to the "Accuse" button and press down when you are ready to make a case, and Inspector Brown is in the same room. Say, for example, "I accuse Mr. Green, in the Gazebo with the Garden Shears." A correct guess ends the game. An incorrect guess removes you from the game.

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