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Instructions for the Electronic Battleship Star Wars Game

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"Star Wars Battleship: Advanced Mission” from 2002 incorporated ships from the "Star Wars" universe in a version of "Electronic Battleship." Players control either the Rebel or Imperial fleet, each of which contains five ships of the varying size. Like the original game, players must distribute these ships across their own board, which is hidden from their opponent's view. They must then find and destroy the enemy ships.


Press the red “On/Off” button. After you hear, “Command Center Activated” press the number corresponding to the number of human players. Press "1" to play a solo mode against the computer and press "2" to play human versus human.

Press number “1” to select the standard game play option after hearing, “Communication established- input game option.”

Press “1” to select custom configuration for your star fleet. Custom configuration allows you to place your ships wherever you want to on the board. The game will prompt you for each star ship starting with, “Star Cruiser Reporting. Enter coordinates.”

Enter the first and last coordinate for the star cruiser ship. Enter the letter followed by the number. After both coordinates, press “Enter/Fire.” All ships must be placed either horizontally or vertically, never diagonally. For example, you could input “A1” and “A5” which would be the coordinates for each end of the star cruiser. The computer will fill in the numbers in between. The game will then prompt you to input the coordinates for each additional ship. The opponent will follow the same rules to input the coordinates for his ships. The Republic commander will take the first shot.

Playing the Game

Insert a white peg into the vertical grid to represent the spot of your first attack.

Use the “Galactic Star Fleet coding system” to call out your coordinates. The code, from A to J is Alderan, Bespin, Chewie, Dagobah, Endor, Force, Geonosis, Hoth, Imperial and Jedi. The computer will also call out coordinates using this system.

Read off the coordinates beginning with the first letter of the Star Fleet code and then the number, and then input these coordinates into the computer and press “Enter/Fire.” The computer will respond with whether it was a hit or a miss. If it was a hit, replace your white peg with a red peg. The opponent should insert a red peg in the space on the ship that was hit that corresponds to the coordinates.

Take turns and follow the prompts of the computer. The winner is the first player to destroy all of the opponent's vessels.

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