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How to Build a Spellcaster Deck

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Spellcasters represent the mystical and magical elements of the world from the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game. Spellcaster monsters are often mages, witches and wizards who possess a wide variety of abilities designed to work well with trap and spell card support. The first release of Yu-Gi-Oh! included this creature type and it was showcased as the backbone of Yugi Muto’s deck in the television series. Spellcaster decks focus on supporting one another and making the best use of spell and trap cards.

Select at least 20 spellcaster-type monsters for your deck. The archetypal casters are the Dark Magician and Dark Magic Girl. Skilled Dark Magician can help to quickly get your other spellcasters into play. Sorcerer of Dark Magic requires high level tribute for summoning, but its massive attack power can quickly end the match.

Choose at least 10 spell cards that require spellcasters. Secret Village of the Spellcasters prevents your opponent from casting any spells unless they also have spellcaster monsters on the field. Other strong choices include Dark Magic Attack, Sage’s Stone and Solidarity. Solidarity works very well with Dark Magic Girl to grant your spellcasters an additional 800 attack each on top of any other effects.

Add at least 10 trap cards to lock down your opponent’s trap and spell cards. Trap Jammer prevents the opponent’s trap cards from activating, and Anti-Spell stops their spells. Sakuretsu Armor and Mirror Force can kill any opponent that attacks your spellcasters. These cards will give your casters breathing room to launch their own attacks without the chance of surprise effects causing them trouble.


The parts of Exodia the Forbidden One are also considered spellcaster monsters and can be added to your deck as a secondary win condition.


  • Don’t summon your Dark Magic Girls until you have a few Dark Magicians in the graveyard. Dark Magic Girl’s power increases based on the number of magicians in yours and your opponent’s graveyard.
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