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Cards Rules for Intrigue Clue

Determine the murderer to win Clue: Discover the Secrets.
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“Clue: Discover the Secrets” is an update to the classic board game Clue with new rules and the addition of Intrigue and Personality cards. There are still the same six main characters but the game updates their personalities. There are nine weapons in the new Clue game. Weapons include a bat, pistol, candlestick, knife, rope, axe, dumbbell, poison and a trophy. Here are the new rules for the updated Clue game.

Setting Up the Game

Separate the Rumor cards into three stacks: Guests, Rooms and Weapons. Draw one card from each stack and place it in the yellow envelope. These are the crime cards. Combine the remaining Rumor cards and pass them out to each player evenly. Place any extra cards face down in the Pool area of the game board. Place the game pieces in the proper starting points and the weapons in the Pool area. Shuffle the Intrigue cards and set them to the side. Give each player a pad of paper to keep track of the clues.

Game Play

The first player rolls the dice to see how many squares his character can move. The player can stop at any point before their move ends. If he hits a question mark square, he has to stop and draw an Intrigue card. Once a player leaves a room, he cannot re-enter it during that turn. Once in a room, the player has to leave it on his next turn. Once a player enters a room, he has to stop there and can’t pass through.

Intrigue Cards: Clocks

When a player lands on a question mark or rolls a question mark with the dice, he draws an Intrigue card. There are eight Clock cards in the Intrigue deck. The first seven do nothing, but the eighth Clock card makes the player who draws it the next murder victim. Her game is over and she reveals her cards for every player to see. The eighth Clock card returns to the deck meaning the murderer can kill every player before the mystery is solved.

Intrigue Cards: Keepers

The other Intrigue cards are Keeper cards. These Intrigue cards have special rules a player can keep and use at any time. These cards include moving anywhere on the board, avoid a Rumor reveal, take an extra turn, see another player’s card, add to your role, move a player back to their home square or make another Rumor.

Personality Cards

Each player receives a personality card based on his character before the game starts. He can use this card one time during the game. They range from starting extra Rumors to moving anywhere on the board.


When a player enters a room, he can start a Rumor. He moves any player’s pawn and one of the weapons into the room to make the Rumor (example: Mustard with the knife in the library). The other players have to prove him wrong. The player to the left gets the first chance and if she has one of the cards of the Rumor, she has to show it to the person making the Rumor. If she does not have one of the cards, the next player gets the chance to disprove it. If no one can prove his Rumor wrong, the player’s turn ends.


When a player figures out the three cards in the envelope, he heads to the pool. When reaching the pool, he makes an Accusation. Following the Accusation, he looks at the cards in the envelope. If he is right, he wins the game. If wrong, he is out of the game. He continues to show cards when asked but can no longer move around the board.

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