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How to Print MTG Cards

There are some “Magic the Gathering” cards that are quite rare, difficult or expensive to obtain. If you plan to use your deck in casual play with friends, you can print out your own “Magic the Gathering” cards using artwork and text from actual cards. Alternatively, you may create your own unique cards based on your friends, your favorite video games or television shows. While these cards cannot be used in tournament play, you can still create your own custom deck of cards.

Magic Set Editor 2

Click “New Set” on the main menu. Highlight “Magic the Gathering” under “Game Type” and “Modern Style” under “Card Style.”

Input the name of your card on the top row. Enter the casting cost of your card across from the name. Use numbers for colorless mana and type the first letter of the color for colored mana such as “R” for red mana and “G” for green mana.

Click the center of the card to enter an image. Upload an image from your computer or scan in a drawing you made. You can download images from Magic cards with a card database.

Write the type of card beneath the image. Card types include creature, enchantment, instant, land artifact and sorcery.

Enter the abilities of the card in the bottom text box. The software will fill in the instructions for your abilities.

Input the power and toughness of any creature cards in the box on the lower right corner of the card. List the numbers with a slash in between them such as “3/2.”

Save the card to your desktop as a JPG or PNG file. Open the image to print.

FalseBlue Magic the Gathering Card Generator

Type the title of your card in the provided box. Click the dropdown menu next to “Type” and choose a classification for the card. Add a subtype for your card as well as its color and casting cost.

Click “Choose File” and pick a picture from your computer to use as the artwork on the card. Click “Open.”

Add an ability for your card into the “Ability 1 - Name” box. For example, enter flying, wither or trample. Click the drop down boxes next to the “Ability 1 - Mana Cost” heading to choose the cost for using the ability. Type in any description for the ability in the “Ability 1 – Description” box.

Type in any additional text into the “Flavor Text” box such as quotes or descriptions of your card. Enter the power and toughness in the available boxes so that the values are separated by the slash.

Click “Preview” to see your card. Select “Generate” to view a printable version of the card then print it out onto white paper.

CCG Maker

Change the color of the card using the tool bar on the right. Select the casting cost of the card from the tool bar.

Click the “Sample Card” text on the top left of the card and replace it with the name of your card. Click “Creature – Sample” and replace the text with the type of card.

Click the image on the center of the card and choose “Insert Picture.” Navigate through your computer to find an image to use and click “Open.”

Move your mouse cursor to the central area of text on the card and click to make an editable text box appear. Replace “Magic 8” with any abilities of the card. Add any other skills or abilities in the box. Select the “4/4” text on the bottom of the card and replace with the power and toughness of the card if applicable.

Click “Print” to print the card out onto white printer paper.


Cut around your printed cards and glue them on top of old Magic cards to make a complete card with the proper backing.

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