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How to Make Dividers for Photo Boxes

When you purchase a photo box, you will find dividers to organize your photos inside. If you need extra dividers you can create your own using cardstock. You can trace the cards that come with the box or you can create your own. Label the dividers as needed and use sticker labels to reuse or create additional dividers to replace old ones you no longer need. Use your favorite color cardstock or organize photos.

Things You'll Need:

  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Cardstock

Measure a piece of cardstock to be nine inches wide by seven inches wide. Cut the card to this size.

Measure one inch from the top of the card. Leave a tab at the right side that is two inches wide. Cut the card with the tab sticking out of the top.

Cut a second card, leaving the two-inch tab an inch from the original. Continue this process until you have as many dividers as you need. You want to stagger the tabs so you can read what they say when standing up in the photo box.


Make the dividers slightly bigger than your photos for easy organization.

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