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Battleship Command Instructions

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"Battleship Command" is an electronic game in which two opponents try to sink each other's ships by calling out coordinates on a grid. A computerized voice commands players to enter their ships' coordinates on the grid and announces whether a player has hit an opponent's ship with the sound of an explosion and a flash of light. Players strategically place their battleships to try to avoid getting hit.

Press the "On" button on the game's computer control panel. Select the number of players by pressing the corresponding number on the computer control panel.

Place your ships on the grid. They have pegs that fit into holes in the grid. Ships can be set vertically or horizontally. The grid measures 10 squares by 10 squares; each has an identifying coordinate. Enter the ship's coordinates into the computer panel. For example, you have placed a ship in the "B" row of the grid. You would enter the letter "B," followed by the column number (1-10) for one end of the ship, and finally either "E" or "W" to show the direction of the ship. Enter the coordinates of all of your ships and press "Enter."

Choose a letter and number from the grid and enter them on the computer control panel. Press "Fire" to see whether you hit a ship. Place a red peg on the coordinate on the targeting grid if the computer calls out a hit. Place a white peg in the grid if you missed. Your opponent then fires at your ships. When a ship's holes are filled with red pegs, it is considered sunk. The winner is the first player to sink all of the opponent's ships.

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