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Directions for Uno Blitzo

Mattel's Uno Blitzo game turns the traditional game of Uno into a fast-paced electronic game for one to four players. Instead of using cards, players compete against each other or the computer by pressing lit buttons signifying cards in their hands. Players also use their "Command Card" buttons to pass, draw cards or reverse the play direction. Varying levels of play offer different challenges with punishments for incorrect actions or moving too slowly.

Insert 3 AA batteries into the compartment in the bottom of the Uno Blitzo machine. Turn on the power switch to illuminate a single player's buttons.

Press a lit number key to select the number of players, then the difficulty level. Level 1 gives players the most time to act, while each level going up to 4 runs faster and doles out harsher punishments for incorrect moves.

Position each player on one of the four sides of the game with lit keypads and press the center "Uno" button to hear the "Instant Uno" sound. Press it again to start the game.

Press a lit number key to play a card when the player light indicates your turn. Press a key that matches either the color or number specified by the machine. Play passes around the circle with each player pressing a lit button.

Press the "Command Card" tab on the side of your number pad in the direction of play to skip your turn when you have no valid moves. When the machine calls a draw card, press the tab on either side of your number pad to make the player on that side draw one to three cards. When the game calls a reverse card, press the tab on the side opposite the direction of play.

Push the "Uno" button whenever your next move would leave you with only one card remaining. The game will automatically play your card and call "Uno."

Press the "Uno" button if you hear the "Instant Uno" sound play on your turn. If you are playing on level 4, the game may play incorrect sounds to trick you. Skip your turn if you hear a false sound.

Win the round by using up all your cards before any other player. The first player to win four hands wins the game.


If another player plays down to one card without using the "Uno" button, press the button after that player's move but before the next player moves to call out the mistake.

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