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Sorry! Card Revenge Electronic Talking Game Instructions

The big red pawn calls the shots in Hasbro's Sorry! Electronic Talking Card Revenge. The card game is based on the Sorry! board game, and players use cards from their hands to move all of their pawns to the home circles on their game board. When a player can't make a move or is chosen by another player with a Sorry! card, he taps the top of the big red pawn and has to do whatever it tells him to do. Sorry! Electronic Talking Card Revenge is designed for two to four players age 6 and older.

Slide the switch on the bottom of the big red pawn to the "Off" setting. Remove the screw on the bottom of the pawn and take the battery cover off. Insert three AAA batteries, put the battery cover in position and replace the screw.

Give each player a "Home" board and the four pawns that match its color. Slide the switch on the big red pawn to the "On" position and place it in the center of the play area.

Set aside the "Quick Rule" reference cards. Shuffle the rest of the deck and deal five cards face-down to each player. Put the remainder of the deck, which becomes the draw pile, in the center of the table and flip the top card face-up to form the discard pile.

Press down on the top of the big red pawn to begin the game and learn which player goes first.

Examine the top card of the discard pile on your turn and play from your hand either one numbered card of the same color, any number of cards in ascending numerical order regardless of color or a wild card.

Follow the rules detailed on any special cards you play; for example, reverse the order of play if the last card you placed on the discard pile was a 10, and place all of your cards of a single color of your choice on the discard pile if you played a wild slide card.

End your turn when you're finished playing cards from your hand and pass play to the next person.

Touch the tip of the big red pawn if you're unable to play any cards on your turn or when you're instructed to do so by a Sorry! card. Follow the instructions given by the pawn.

Put one of your pawns in a home circle on your board if you use all of the cards from your hand on your turn. Draw five new cards from the draw pile and end your turn.

Take turns with your opponents and continue play until one person places all four of her pawns in the home spaces on her board and wins the game.

Things You'll Need:

  • Screwdriver
  • 3 AAA batteries
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