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Instructions for Phase 10 Twist

Phase 10 was one of the more popular games and now there is Phase 10 Twist. This game has the same concept of Phase 10 but adds a twist with a different board and a few added cards to bring some new excitement to the already-loved Phase 10 game.


Separate reference cards from the Phase 10 cards and place around the board for all to see.

Put the Twist Phase 10 cards in the Twist holder.

Place the Twist card holder in the center of the game board.

Game Play

Deal 10 cards, face down, to each player. The deck contains numbered cards in a variety of different colors, and the object of the game will be to collect groups of cards of the same number, the same color or both.

Place the remaining cards face down in one of the slots in the center of the game board.

Turn over the top three cards and place them in each of the other three sections, creating the three discard piles.

Play starts with the player to the left of the dealer. The player can take a card from the draw pile or any of the discard piles. With each turn, the player is looking to collect the phase (or sequence of cards) that is next in line for him. You will start on phase one, which is three sets of three and move through phase 10, which is nine cards of one color. You must complete the phases in order. The person to work through all 10 phases wins the game.

To end a turn, lay down a completed phase or discard onto one of the discard piles. Once your phase is laid down you may play on any other player's phase piles of the same type in order to get rid of unmatched cards as you look to go out and end the hand.

Players will move their pawns after each hand and must play the next round for the phase on which they land during the next hand. The person who runs out of cards, thus ending the hand, moves three spaces on the board, anyone laying down a phase moves two spaces and no phases down is one space.

If a player lands on a twist space, she can choose to draw the phase she will play next from the twist deck, or she can play a phase on a space to the left or right of the twist space. If a player chooses to play from the twist deck, her movements on the board for that hand are doubled. If she does not lay down the required phase in that hand, the player must move one space back.

The game ends once a player has passed phase 10.


The 10 Phases: 1) three sets of three 2) four sets of two 3) one set of five + one run of four 4) two sets of three + one run of three 5) one set of three + one run of six 6) two runs of four 7) four cards of one color + one run of four 8) one run of five of one color 9) eight cards of one color 10) nine cards of one color

A set is two or more cards with the same number. A run is four or more cards numbered in order.

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