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Boom-O Card Game Rules

Todd Warnock/Lifesize/Getty Images

Boom-O is a card game distributed by Mattell. It is a simple elimination game that is similar to Uno. Players are required to add time to a bomb without going over 60 seconds. At 60 seconds, the bomb "blows up" and if you blow up too many times, you are eliminated from the game.

Set Up

Each player gets seven playing cards to hold in hand and keep hidden from the other players. When every player has seven cards, the rest of the deck should be placed in the middle of the playing area to be used as a draw pile. Next to that will be the discard pile.

Each player is then dealt three bomb cards, which are placed with the exploded bomb side down in front of the player. Leftover bomb cards should be put to the side.

Type of Cards

The cards used in Boom-O are similar to those used in Uno. The regular playing cards simply have numbers on them which will add to the time on the bomb. Command Cards have phrases such as Reverse, Take 1, and Trade Hands on them and when the card is played, the next player must follow the command on the card. There are also Bomb Command cards that force each player to lay down a number card. If all players can play a card without the time going over 60 seconds, whoever played the Bomb Command card must flip over one of their bombs, but if one of the players goes over 60 seconds with their card, they must flip their card instead.

Game Play

Game play starts going clockwise from the dealer. On their turn, each player must play a card by placing it in the center. Directions should be followed when a command card is played. Number cards will add to the time that has elapsed on the bomb and if a player cannot play a card without making the bomb go over 60 seconds, they must turn over one of their bomb cards. Once a player has turned over all three of their bomb cards, they are eliminated. The last player left with a bomb card is the winner.

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