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How to Use a Controller in "Need for Speed: Underground 2"

"Need for Speed: Underground 2" is a racing game for multiple consoles. Developed by Electronic Arts, it is based around import tuner vehicles. The game allows users to customize their vehicles for competing in street races at night. It requires players to use a video game controller to control the movement of the cars along the virtual track. Connect a controller and adjust its settings to optimize your performance in "Need for Speed: Underground 2."

Insert the end of the controller for your specific video game console into the console's controller port, which is usually located on the front of the machine. Place the "Need for Speed: Underground 2" game disc into the video game console's disc tray.

Press the "Start" button on the controller to advance past the game's Title Menu into the Main Menu. Once in the main menu, highlight the "Settings" option and press "Start." Access the Control Settings page to adjust the layout of buttons on the controller. Configure the controller's settings until you have a layout that's suitable for driving. For example, set the brake button next to the acceleration in order to facilitate fast driving action. Press "Save" to save changes to the controller settings.

Select either the Circuit, Sprint, Drag or Drift racing mode. Select a race car, when prompted, by using the diagonal stick and pressing the "Start" button. Choose a race track and press "Start."

Wait for the start of the race in line with the competitor's vehicles. When you receive the green light, press the acceleration button. For the PlayStation 2, press the X button or move the right analog stick up to throttle. On the Xbox, press the right trigger to throttle the vehicle. Use the left analog on either video game console's controller to steer the car. On the PS2, push down on the right analog stick or press the Square button to brake. To brake on the Xbox, press the left trigger. Press "L1" on the PS2, or "B" on the Xbox, to use nitrous for an extra boost.

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