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PS3 Game Controller User Instructions

The PlayStation 3 entertainment system lets you enjoy games, movies and music with high-definition picture and sound. The system's wireless controller is used to control virtually all aspects of your PlayStation 3 experience, from playing games to navigating menus. The controller is also used as a remote for playing back media and as a mouse for browsing the Internet. Before use, a controller's battery must be charged, then it must be paired with your PlayStation 3 console.

Connect the controller to the PlayStation 3 via the included USB cable. When the system is turned on, the controller is automatically recognized and paired.

Leave the controller connected as its battery charges. You may use the controller while the battery is charging. Hold down the "PS" button on the controller to check the charge level. If you see a battery icon with three bars in it, the charge is complete.

Disconnect the controller from the USB cable to use it wirelessly. You can also leave it connected if you want to preserve battery charge.

Connect any other controllers you want to use. As each controller is paired with the system, it is assigned a number. You may use up to seven controllers at once. An indicator light glows under the number that is assigned to the controller.

Use the controller to navigate through the PlayStation 3's menus and settings while not playing a game. The directional pad or analog stick allows you to scroll up, down, left and right through menus. The "X" button confirms a setting or action you have selected, and the "Triangle" button lets you exit a menu or cancel an action.

While playing a game, the controller is used in many different ways. In general, the "Start" button lets you pause the game, the "X" button confirms actions and the "Triangle" or "Circle" buttons let you back out of some menus. These buttons may also be used to jump, shoot, dodge or perform a number of other actions. Consult your game's manual for the specific use of the controller's buttons.

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